The Photographer

Brett is a competition winning and multiple featured landscape and wildlife photographer based in Southern Utah.

Originally from California, Brett moved to the UK then to Australia at a young age where he spent much of his life. Moving to Southern Utah in 2017, Brett was captivated by the beautiful scenery in the area and decided to purchase his first camera to showcase and share his experiences.

Through self-taught practices, he became a full time, professional photographer in 2021.

“Growing up in Australia I was always outdoors. I was extremely active, up at the crack of dawn to be either in the ocean surfing, exploring the mountains or fishing by the beach, lakes and rivers. I discovered early that I had a passion for the outdoors and wildlife and that’s where I felt free.
I was lucky to travel around the world and live many places experiencing different cultures, animals and landscapes.
It has been my dream to capture those experiences and share them through my photography.”